“Caring, partnership, and collaboration in oncology nursing”

Asian Oncology Nursing Society (AONS) is dedicated to helping Asian oncology nursing professionals pursue personal and professional excellence by offering excellence awards and educational scholarship​s.

Our goal is to encourage and enable AONS members to develop their expertise and become stronger leaders. Our scholarships and awards reflect the diversity of our members and our goal of recognizing and rewarding outstanding achievements by individual members and students.

View detailed information on each award and scholarship, including eligibility, application criteria, selection process, and award presentation. The application deadlines is May 31, 2023.

Please complete the following information and submit the following to the Nomination Committee (Attn: Past President of AONS: winnieso@cuhk.edu.hk ).

  1. Excellence Awards
    • Purpose: To recognize outstanding achievements in Nursing Research, Leadership, and Clinical Practice and Oncology Education including Patient Education.
    • AONS pays USD$500.00 to each recipient.
  2. Scholarships
    • AONS awards 1 or 2 scholarships that allow a prospective student the opportunity to complete a master’s or PhD program that will further a career in the nursing profession.
    • AONS pays USD$500.00 to each recipient.

Excellence Award Guidelines

  • Purpose: To highlight exceptional research, leadership, or clinical practice being conducted within the Asia region by AONS members.
  • Nature of Award: Opportunity to deliver a 5‐minute presentation followed by 5 minutes for questions and discussion in the appropriate discipline session at the AONS biennial Conference; the presentation will be highlighted in the program as the “Excellence in Nursing Presentation” and the expanded abstract will be published in the proceedings; the successful applicant will receive a USD$500.00 award and a plaque.
  • Eligibility:
    • Applicant must be a current Member of AONS. But, no officer of the AONS, while holding such position, shall be eligible for this award.
    • Applicant must be a specialist in Asia and must have made an outstanding and noteworthy contribution in the field of nursing profession. The contribution must pertain to the following areas of work: (a) nursing research, (b) leadership, (c) clinical practice, or (d) oncology education.
    • Applicant must be available to deliver in person a 5‐minute presentation at the AONS biennial Conference.
  • Materials to be submitted include:
    • An expanded abstract (not to exceed 700 words). This will allow for more thorough description of all facets of the applicant’s research, leadership, clinical practice or oncology areas. The abstract will be published in APJON.
    • Applicant must provide 2 letters of support.
    • Applicant must provide a Bio/CV that includes sufficient evidence to support their excellence in that particular areas. Applicant must include a publication list as per the following guidelines:
      • Bio/CV: Strict one (1) page limit (typed in 12‐point font using Times New Roman, with 1 inch margins);
      • Begin with Name and Address followed by the names of the institution and country.
      • Provide Educational History: B.S. to Ph.D. including institutions and years degrees were earned.
      • Provide Employment History: most recent first.
      • List Honors & Awards.
      • Conclude with Professional Service and Activities.
      • Publications list in the last 3 years: Strict two (2) page limit typed in 12‐point font using Times New Roman, with 1 inch margins.
      • Provide a complete list of published or accepted for publication materials under the following categories: Books & book chapters, Refereed journal articles, Proceedings papers, Abstracts, and Other.
    • The successful applicant’s expanded abstract will be the ONLY one of these abstracts presented at the meeting and published in the proceedings.
    • Applicant must provide a letter signed by the contact person of the AONS full member / AONS treasurer to confirm that the applicant is an individual member of AONS in 2022 and 2023 (Individual membership fee: USD20/year)
  • Selection Criteria: The application will be judged on the following content.
    • 60% on Expanded Abstract: importance, originality, clarity, implications of research, leadership, clinical practice or oncology education.
    • 20% on Letters of Support
    • 20% on Applicant’s Bio/CV: demonstrated ability to present and publish research
  • Evaluation Committee: The non‐voting chairperson will be the Past‐President of AONS. The committee should finish the process within 3 weeks so that the program chair can complete the schedule for the Conference.
  • Notification: Successful applicant will be notified by 1 month after the award submission deadline so they can prepare their presentation.
  • Copies of research or extension publications authored by the nominee are not needed. However, if the Chairman of the Award Committee feels that publications are necessary to adequately evaluate certain nominees, the Chairman will ask the nominator to obtain and provide the needed publications.
  • Any member of the Award Committee may ask the Committee Chairman to request additional information
  • about a nominee.
  • The Chairman of the Award Committee shall notify the donor of the winner stating the individual’s
  • full name and time and place of presentation of the award, if applicable.

Scholarship Award Guidelines

  • Purpose: AONS offers scholarship to graduate nursing students. The award is presented at the AONS Conference.
  • Nature of Award: AONS award consists of a plaque, USD$500 and recognition at the AONS Conference.
  • Eligibility:
    • The recipient of the Scholarship Award must be an individual member of AONS and must be studying for a master’s or doctoral degree in nursing.
    • The recipient must be less than forty (40) years of age at the time of submission of application.
  • Materials to be submitted by the nominator:
    • A summary statement giving the importance of the nominee’s work to the appropriate discipline in Nursing Science, not to exceed 400 words. It must demonstrate great potentials to be a nurse scientist in cancer care.
    • Bio/CV for nominee
    • A list of publications, presentations and (or) educational materials developed by the nominee and, where appropriate, evidence for excellence in research or teaching.
    • Letters from not less than three and not more than six persons representing 1) the nominee’s institution and 2) health-related institutions or hospitals, showing the capability of the nominee to nursing science.
    • A confirmation note/letter from the contact person of the AONS full member / AONS treasurer regarding the nominee is an individual member of AONS in 2022 and 2023 (Individual membership fee: USD20/year)

Contacts of the AONS treasurer and the contact person(s) of the AONS full member

AONS Treasurer: Jiyoung Kang (Korea): jiyoungkang@jejunu.ac.kr

Name of Society Name of the president / representative E-mail address
Oncology Nursing Committee of Chinese Nursing Association LU Yu Han (Representative) lu_yuhan@sina.com
Oncology Nurses Association of India Prathepa JAGDISH (President) prathepa_jagadish@rediffmail.com
Indonesian Oncology Nurses Association Rita KEMALA (President) kemalarita@gmail.com
Japanese Society of Cancer Nursing Mari Watanabe (President) mari.watanabe@sums.ac.jp
Michiyo Mizuno, RN, PhD
University of Tsukuba
Mari Yamamoto (JSCN secretariat) info@jscn.or.jp
Philippine Oncology Nurses Association Mr Josh Nario (President) JoshuaJaime.Nario@makatimed.net.ph
National University Singapore M Kamala DEVI Associate Professor & Director of Education (Representative of Singaporean cancer nurses nurmkd@nus.edu.sg
Korean Oncology Nursing Society. Eun Young PARK
KONS email
Taiwan Oncology Nursing Society Shwn-Huey SHIEH (President) parkeunyoung@gachon.ac.kr
Shwn-Huey SHIEH (President) shshieh@mail.cmu.edu.tw
Intravenous and Chemotherapy Nurses Society of Thailand Pongpak PITTAYAPAN (President) pittayapan@gmail.com
Hong Kong College of Medical Nursing Ms Maggie Chan (President)

Ms Suzanne Mak (Representative)