“Caring, partnership, and collaboration in oncology nursing”

List of accepted abstracts

Oral Presentation
# Name Title Code
1 Professor Li-Min Wu, PH.D Resilience, hope, perceived social support, and coping among Adolescents and Young adults with Cancer OP001
2 Mrs Xiaoting Hou, MSN Construction of supportive care strategies checklist for dying cancer patients in the last days of life OP002
3 DR HUI LI Investigation on the Knowledge Level and Influencing Factors of Gastric Cancer Screening in First-degree Relatives of Patients with Gastric Cancer OP003
4 Mrs Hanh Thi Hong Tran, Phd candidate Non-pharmacological interventions on anxiety among colorectal cancer patient after treatment: a systematic review OP004
5 Ms Gillian Blanchard, B,Nurs, MN(NP), MClinNur The Growth and Adaptation of a National Cancer Nurse Practitioner Network OP005
6 DR DEWI MARYAM, PH.D The Experiences of Pediatric Cancer and Their Religious Coping Strategy when Receiving Chemotherapy During COVID-19 Pandemic in Indonesia OP006
7 P.h.D candidate Meng Kuan Chiang Factors predicting incidence rate of returning to work for patient with hematopoietic stem cell transplantation: A cohort study OP007
8 Mr Jia Fang, M.SC Contemporaneous symptom networks of multidimensional symptom experience in children with acute leukemia during chemotherapy: a network analysis OP008
9 Ms. Hong YANG Efficacy of follow-up support based on an information system for outpatients with cancer pain on pain relief,analgesic adherence and constipation OP009
10 Doctor of Nursing Student Wai Man Wong, BSN (Hons), MN The Effects of Multi-modal Intervention in Managing Symptom Cluster of Cancer-Related Fatigue-Sleeping Problem-Depressed Mood in Breast Cancer Patients undergoing Chemotherapy: A Pilot Randomised Controlled Trial OP010
11 Mr. Jia Fang Evolving symptom networks in relation to chemotherapy cycles among children with acute leukemia: a network analysis OP011
13 Mr. Tenaw Gualu Melesse Cognitive-Behavioural Intervention to Improve Anxiety and Depression in Children with Hematological Cancer Receiving Chemotherapy: A Randomized Controlled Trial OP013
14 Dr. Ruishuang Zheng Psychological distress in spouses whose partners diagnosed with familial hepatocellular carcinoma: A cross-sectional study OP014
15 Ms. Tika RANA, PhD. Candidate Correlates of cervical cancer screening uptake among women in the least developed countries: A systematic review and meta-analysis OP015
16 postgraduate Fangfang Huang Risk factors of PICC catheter-related venous thrombosis in patients with lung cancer undergoing chemotherapy: a meta-analysis OP016
17 Dr Chi-Yin Kao, PhD Predictors of clinical trial participation during informed decision-making process OP017
18 Mr. Tenaw Gualu Melesse Cross-Cultural Adaptation and Validation of the Amharic Version of the Revised Child Anxiety and Depression Scale in Pediatric Hematology-Oncology OP018
19 DR LI LIU Analysis on the intention and associated factors of human papillomavirus vaccine among female Chinese undergraduate students OP019
21 matron Jiaojiao Li Body image and its influencing factors among Chinese head and neck cancer with radiation-induced skin injury: a cross-sectional survey OP021
22 bachelor/head nurse YIN SHU JUN Psychological coping strategies of oncology clinical trial patients during the COVID-19 OP022
23 Deputy chief nurse Xiang-yun SUN Influence of square dance on rehabilitation and quality of life of middle-aged and elderly patients with breast cancer after surgery OP023
24 Mrs. GAO LI, M.SC. A Systematic Review of the Causes and Management of Vascular Access Devices Rupture OP024
25 Ms Yonghui HUANG Reliability, validity and responsiveness of the Mandarin (Simplified) Chinese version of the EORTC QLQ-OPT30 among eye cancer patients OP025
26 professor Guorong ZHANG A summary of the best evidence for manual rehabilitation therapy in patients with breast cancer related lymphedema OP026
28 MISS ZHOU Haining, MSC Improving Self-efficacy and Health Quality of Life among Prostate Cancer Patients Who Live Alone Through Applying an e-Health Literacy Application: a randomized controlled study OP028
29 MS Ling Guo A case report of iodine contrast agent use-related severe skin reaction in tumor patient undergoing Pembrolizumab immunotherapy OP030
30 Prof Wei Gao The effect of narrative nursing on psychological pain, self-perceived burden, resilience and quality of life with advanced cancer receiving radiation therapy OP031
31 Graduate students are studying xiamei chen, PHD Graduate students are studying OP032
32 PROFESSOR lei luo Development and usability evaluation of an intelligent system for decision-making assistance in cancer patients' advance care planning OP033
33 PROFESSOR Deshan Liu Investigation on participation in treatment decision-making of lung cancer patients and its influencing factors OP034
34 Mrs Hui Yang The nurse’s knowledge, attitudes and practice of perioperative pulmonary rehabilitation in lung cancer: a cross-sectional survey in China OP035
35 Mrs Ruiyun Chen Fear of cancer recurrence among postoperative patients with newly diagnosed lung cancer: a cross-sectional survey in China OP036
36 Mrs Ruiyun Chen Application of the postoperative pulmonary rehabilitation training program for patients with lung cancer in thoracic surgery OP037
37 Professor Can Gu, PH.D The development and effectiveness of a complex family adaptation intervention strategies among Chinese families of hospitalized child with cancer: A research protocol. OP038
38 master Zhang Bingyan Research progress on acceptance of advance care planning in cancer patients OP039
39 Professor Can Gu, PH.D Patient delay and related influencing factors in Chinese women under 40 years diagnosed with breast cancer: A cross-sectional study OP040
40 degeee guanghui li Effects of mouth opening training based on the information-knowledge-belief-behavior nursing intervention mode on nutrition-related symptom group and quality of life in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma undergoing radiotherapy OP041
41 Degree - Master saisai Liu Effect of inspiratory muscle training based on health coach technology on postoperative rehabilitation of elderly patients with lung cancer OP042
42 Ms. Qing Guo, MSN Emotional distress and needs for psychological support in family caregivers of patients with recurrent hepatocellular carcinoma: A qualitative study OP043
43 Research nurse,clinical nurse Tian ZHANG Trajectories of anxiety and depression among Chinese breast cancer patients: A longitudinal study OP044
44 SN Lei Liu A comparison of nurses’ and physicians’ assessments of symptomatic adverse events: A cross-sectional study OP045
45 SN Lei Liu Risk factors of Totally Implantable Venous Access Device (TIVADs) related thrombotic occlusion in off-treatment period: a cross-sectional study OP046
46 master Zhang Bingyan Knowledge-attitude-practice status of advance care planning among oncology nurses: a cross-sectional study OP047
47 Effects of five-element music combined with emotional freedom techniques on self-perceived burden and sleep quality in patients with lung cancer undergoing chemotherapy Qiuhuan JIANG Effects of five-element music combined with emotional freedom techniques on self-perceived burden and sleep quality in patients with lung cancer undergoing chemotherapy OP048
48 None Yiting Liu, Bachelor Discussion on the time node of shoulder and neck functional rehabilitation training after gasless unilateral axillary approach for endoscopic thyroid cancer surgery OP049
49 PROFESSOR Yingchun Li Construction and teaching practice of Hospice Nursing course for nursing undergraduates OP050
50 Ms. Liu Ting Symptom clusters of patients with liver cancer after surgery based on ERAS OP051
51 MSN Jinsil Bae Oncology nurses' knowledge and attitude toward clinical trials OP052
52 Nurse in charge Jing hua A qualitative study of breast cancer survivors' experience after returning to work OP053
53 The relationship between resilience, social support and health-related quality of life in female breast cancer survivors Wang Yishu The relationship between resilience, social support and health-related quality of life in female breast cancer survivors OP054
54 MASTER Xiaorong Pan Establishment and validation of a risk prediction model for oral mucositis in children undergoing hematopoietic stem cell transplantation OP055
55 professor Rujun Zheng, PH.D Efficacy of Group Biofeedback Psychotherapy for Cancer Survivors: a Randomized Controlled Trial OP056
56 Prof Zhao Yu Sexual experiences faced by partners of Chinese prostate cancer survivors: qualitative study findings OP057
57 Dr. Ruishuang Zheng Social isolation in spouses whose partners were diagnosed with HBV-related hepatocellular carcinoma: A qualitative study OP058
58 DR. Yang Bai Factors of affecting colonoscopy screening among first-degree relatives of colorectal cancer patients: A mixed methods systematic review OP059
59 Effects of five-element music combined with emotional freedom techniques on self-perceived burden and sleep quality in patients with lung cancer undergoing chemotherapy Qiuhuan JIANG Application of a wearable device-based intervention program for sedentary behavior in patients with colorectal cancer in the community OP060
60 Mrs zhang xiaona, M.SC. Construction of sensitive indexes in perioperative nursing of breast cancer based on Delphi method OP061
61 Mrs zhang xiaona, M.SC. Evidence-based practice of cluster nursing in preventing complications associated with intravenous infusion port in breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy OP062
63 Miss Shiqi Tao Publication trends and research hotspots in central venous catheter-related thrombosis research from 1973 to 2022: a scientometric analysis OP064
64 Doctoral candidate Hannah Yu Me as usual, the inner strength of colorectal cancer survivors OP065
65 nurse xiaona Zheng Mediating Effect of Social Alienation between Self-disclosure and Loneliness in Breast Cancer Patients During the Transitional Period OP066
66 PhD Cancan Chen The mediating effect of spirituality on the relationship between resilience and quality of life in survivors with advanced cancer OP067
67 MSN WAHYU DEWI SULISTYARINI, MSN Psychometric Testing and Cross-Cultural Adaptation of the Indonesian version of The Short Form Survivor Unmet Needs Survey (SF-SUNS) OP068
68 Dr Pan Cui Determinants of family resilience in advanced cancer patients and their family caregivers: A multilevel modeling analysis OP069
69 Mrs Yan Xu Analysis of the status and influencing factors of discharge readiness of breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy OP070
70 Miss Tong Wang A scoping review on death education interventions for patients with cancer and non-cancer diseases and/ or their family carers OP071
71 Doctoral student Thi Dung Le Cancer patients' preferences about communication of bad news: A systematic review of measurement properties OP072
72 学士 shenyuqing shen The relationship between Behavioural Problems and Family Functioning and Social Support in children with Acute Leukaemia OP073
73 NURSE 王艳 wangyan Effect of early postoperative coffee consumption on intestinal function recovery in patients with cervical cancer surgery under ERAS concept OP074
74 Mrs Jie Liu Translation and reliability and validity of the Chinese version of the Reproductive Concerns After Cancer Scale-Male OP075
75 Miss Mingxia Li Knowledge, attitude, practice for COVID-19 among cancer patients with radiotherapy in western China: a cross-sectional survey OP076
76 DR. Xu Zhang Association between self-esteem and fear of cancer recurrence in cancer survivors:a cross-sectional study OP077
77 Dr KEMALA RITA WAHIDI, DR, MHA, ETN, ONS The Influence of Education on Quality of Life of Breast Cancer Patients With Family Assistance and Medication Adherence as Mediation Variables at Dharmais National Cancer Centre, Indonesia. OP078
78 Professor Wu Shaoyong Dynamic study of nutritional risk in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma before and after first chemotherapy OP079
79 Dr Ting Mao The relationship between nutritional status and prognosis in advanced cancer patients in palliative care: a retrospective study OP080
80 PROFESSOR Wei-wei XU, MSC The perspectives and practice status quo of Advance Care Planning among health care providers:a meta-synthesis of qualitative research OP081
81 Ms. Qing Guo, MSN Development of psychological resilience in patients with recurrent hepatocellular carcinoma: A qualitative study OP082
82 degree XiaoMeng Lu Peri-radiotherapy symptom groups in Chinese breast cancer patients: Cluster analysis based on self-reported outcomes OP083
83 master yong Dong master OP084
84 Professor Qian Liu, M.SC Anxiety Status in Chinese patients with Keratinocyte Carcinoma OP085
85 nurse xiaona Zheng Current status and influencing factors of self-compassion in spouses of patients with breast cancer OP086
86 Dr Yun Hu The Efficacy of a digital and intelligent program on psychosocial adaptation of Young Breast Cancer survivors OP087
87 Ns. Ria Andjarwati, M.Kep Interpretative Qualitative Study : Cancer Patient"s Life After Stoma Insertion In The First Year OP088
88 Ms. Jiayan Cao A nurse-led standardized intervention to improve the management of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting in patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma OP089
89 Ms. Yanhui Wang, B.N The voice of novice oncology nurses working with dying patients in a death-taboo cultural setting: A qualitative study OP090
90 Master Nana Jiao Analysis of inner experience and needs of first-degree relatives of breast cancer patients OP091
91 DR. Jingyi Chen Developmental pattern of symptoms of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation patients in the air laminar flow asepsis room: A longitudinal mixed-methods study OP092
92 Ms Chunfeng Wang Rub salt into the wound—Experience of emotional disclosure to their families from the perspective of young and middle-aged patients with lymphoma: A qualitative exploration OP093
93 Mater BaoJia Luo, RN, ET Impact of defecation dysfunction on quality of life in mid-low rectal cancer patients following sphincter-sparing surgery  OP094
94 - Dita Indriyati, S.Kep.,Ners. Psychosocial Problems on a Female Adolescent Diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer Receiving Chemotherapy Treatment: A Case Report OP095
95 Dr. Yu Liu, Ph.D. “Why am I so stupid?” Factors Influencing cognitive declines in Chinese patients with breast cancer during chemotherapy: A mixed methods study OP096
97 DR Tang Maoting Quality of Life among Children with Heart Failure after Discharge from a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in China: A Cross-sectional Survey OP098
98 postgraduate lu liu, postgraduate Patient safety competency of cancer nurses in China- An exploratory, cross-sectional survey comparing large sample, multicenter data from China OP099
99 Miss Lei Cui, M.SC. Predictors of distinct weight trajectories after resection for pancreatic cancer: a prospective cohort study OP100
100 Master Yufei Guo Effect of walking exercise intervention on chemotherapy-related cognitive impairment in breast cancer patients OP101
101 PhD, RN Fuyun Zhao Effects of exercise-based weight management in obese breast cancer survivors OP102
102 MS. Xiaoqian Dong, MSc Stigma perceived by family members of breast cancer patients and its influencing factors OP103
103 Register Nurse Thi Quyen Nguyen, RN Understanding decision-making experience regarding hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in adult patients with blood cancer in Vietnam: Through the perspectives of relational autonomy OP104
104 MS Ruolin Li The incidence of chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy and related influencing factors in breast cancer patients: A cross-sectional study OP105
105 Mrs Laura Healey Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction in patients receiving Herceptin: when do cardio-oncology step in? OP106
106 Doctoral candidate Lu Chen Development and feasibility study of Exercise-based bone strengthening (ROSE) program for improving bone health and Physical Fitness of Breast Cancer Survivors OP107
107 Mr. Made Satya Nugraha Gautama, RN Symptoms and Managements of Malignant Fungating Wounds in Patient with Cancer: A Scoping Review OP108
108 Master's Degree Yiling Yang Effects of a web-based self-help mindful self-compassion program on fear of progression, posttraumatic stress symptoms, sleep quality, and self-compassion in parents of children undergoing cancer treatment: a randomized controlled trial OP109
109 DR Julan Xiao Exploring the symptoms and psychological experiences among lung cancer convalescence patients after radical lobectomy: a qualitative study OP110
110 Mrs. Irene Sunder, M.SC. An Experience of Nurse-led Central Venous Access Clinic in Tertiary Cancer Care Hospital , Mumbai. INDIA OP111
111 student Xiaofan Bu Nonpharmacological interventions for fear of recurrence among breast cancer patients: A Systematic Review and Network Meta-Analysis OP112
112 Nurse Lijuan Zeng Early oral feeding vs. traditional oral feeding in patients undergoing simultaneous pancreas and kidney transplantation: a single-center randomized controlled trial OP113
113 Dr Yanyan Liu, PH.D Multiple symptom distress among children and adolescents with cancer and its correlations with physical activity:A latent profile analysis OP114
114 Professor So-Hyun Park, PhD Physical activity level of cancer survivors in the United States. OP115
115 master's degree Lin-lin HOU Application of a wearable device-based intervention program for sedentary behavior in patients with colorectal cancer in the community OP116

Poster Presentation
# Name Title Code
1 Master degree min ZHAO Screening Behaviors and Related Factors among the First-Degree Relatives of Chinese Patients with Gastric Cancer PP001
2 Bachelor of Science in Nursing LING-YA YEH Using quality improvement projects to reduce the bloodstream infection rate of central venous catheters in children with cancer PP002
3 Nurse MEI- CHEN LIAO Using Comfortable Nursing to Improve the Quality and Effectiveness of Comfortable Nursing for Patients with Terminal Cancer PP003
4 Professor Yu-Hua Lin, PH.D., Telephone Counseling on Symptoms Distress in brain tumor patients PP004
5 Pediatric Nursing Specilaist Noor Siti Noviani Indah sari, Pediatric Nursing Specilaist Optimizing The Fulfillment of Nutritional Needs in Pediatric Cancer with Febrile Neutropenia and Severe Degree of Mucositis Through Ice Cube Intervention: Case Report PP005
6 Ph. D. Candidates, Hung Chia Wen Improving the correctness of nursing staff in gynecological cancer care of chest pigtail drainage PP006
7 supervisor Chiou Yen-Gan When Life Hits a Wall—Experiences and Preferences of Truth-telling in Families of Children with Cancer PP007
8 porfessor Chiu-Ping Su Complication with peripherally inserted central venous catheters PP008
9 Professor Jeehee Han, PH.D. Psychosocial programs to alleviate fertility distress for cancer patients : A mixed-methods systematic review PP009
10 Registered Nurse pei-chi Chen Relationships among Symptoms Distress, Fatigue and Quality of Life for Patients with Acute Myeloid Leukemia PP010
11 Nurse Youjie Chen Using multiple strategies to improve the correct rate of central venous catheter care for nurses in the department of hematology and oncology PP011
12 Head Nurse Chia Chen Chen Development of the Lung Cancer Manchester Fatigue Scale Chinese Version, LMFS-C, and in research of reliability and validity analysis PP012
13 RN Yen-Gan Chiou When Life Hits a Wall—Experiences and Preferences of Truth-telling in Families of Children with Cancer PP013
14 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Ching-Fang Hsu Transdisciplinary Team Approach to Decrease Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy PP014
15 Teaching assistant Shu-Hui Wen, Master Effects of Digital Interventions to Support Children and Adolescents with Cancer for Psychological Effects: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis PP015
16 bachelor Yi-Jing Shen A Nursing Experience of Hospice Caring for a Breast Cancer Patient in End-of-life PP016
17 Registered Nurse YU-TING YEH Nursing experience of a patient with hypopharyngeal carcinoma and malignant tumor fungiform wound PP017
18 PhD Eunjung Ryu Chemotherapy-induced oral mucositis, symptom experience, nutritional status, and depression in patients with acute leukemia PP018
19 Bachelor's degree PEI-YING YE Nursing experience of caring for a young patient with rare paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobin hematuria using Watson's theory of care PP019
20 head nurse Ting Po Fang, BSN To improve the safety of Patient Controlled Analgesia for cancer pain patients PP020
21 college student Wan-Ru Lu When Cancer Comes~ The Fighting History of a Middle-Aged Man Newly Diagnosed of Cancer PP021
22 Registered Nurse YI-LUN TSAI The nursing experience of caring for an end-of-life patient with metastatic lung cancer and pleural effusion PP022
23 Registered Nurse MINHAN CHEN Nursing experience of a young woman with lung cancer complicated with hydropleural effusion and bone metastases PP023
24 Ms. Alyssa Grissom, MSN, APN, AGCNS, AOCNS Global application of the CNS role to improve knowledge and skill for Vietnamese oncology nurses PP024
25 Dr. Mengting Chen, PH.D. Investigation of status of lung cancer palliative care management and concept and practice of lung cancer palliative care management in Chinese medical providers PP025
26 Prof Huiqing Yu Early interdisciplinary palliative care in Patients with Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer: a 36-weeks randomised controlled trial in Southwest China PP026
27 Dr. Mengting Chen, PH.D. Gut microbiota mediates the protective effects of postbiotics attenuating the immune-related adverse events in Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer patients: a randomized, controlled trial in Chongqing, China PP027
28 DR. Jeonghee Ahn Body Acceptance in Women with Breast Cancer PP028
29 Professor Su-Ying Fang Uptake of Genetic Testing among Patients Seeking Cancer Genetic Counseling in Taiwan PP029
30 Ms Rachel Tasleem Patient Perception of Effectiveness of Patient Control Analgesia (PCA) in Postoperative Pain Management at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre (SKMCH&RC) PP030
31 Chief nurse Shi Li Zheng Resilience and Associated Factors among Chinese Patients with Cancer PP031
32 Associate Professor Inoue Kayo, Ph.D. Complementary Therapy as Self-care Management for Cancer Survivors PP032
33 RN Yi-Wen Chen Establishing an initial visit assessment form for early detection of head and neck cancer cases that may refuse treatment PP033
34 Unit manager YoungJi Shin The Effects of Nursing Intervention for Decrease of Oral Mucositis in Cancer Patients Receiving Chemotherapy :A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis PP034
35 Master student Hui-Chun Su Decision Making Preferences in Adolescents with Cancer and Their Parents: A Mixed-Methods Study PP035
36 女士 静 单, 女士 Oncology nurses' experience and needs for bone health management in advanced cancer patients: a qualitative study ——From managing cancer itself to paying attention to SREs and CTIBL PP036
37 PROFESSOR Ling Wang Effects of dietary habits and catheterization type on breast cancer-related lymphedema: a retrospective cohort study PP037
38 Master Ru-Yi Wang, M.S. A Project for Improving the Implementation Rate of Side Effect Assessment for Patients Receiving Chemotherapy for the First Time PP038
39 Ms. Sinuo Chen Status Quo of Adaptability of Returning to Work among Patients with breast cancer and Its Influencing Factors PP039
40 professor Jing Gao Relationship between Social Support and Fear of Cancer Recurrence Among Chinese Cancer Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis PP040
41 Graduate students are studying xiamei chen, PHD Bachelor PP041
42 Ms WINGYEE FUNG Effect of educational intervention on knowledge of cervical cancer and screening, screening intention and Pap test uptake among Chinese immigrant women in Hong Kong: A pilot study PP042
43 associate professor of nuring ZHU Fang Analysis ofrelated factors ofthe spiritual needs of patients with terminal cancer pain and Nursing Strategy in southern China PP043
44 Mr LUCKY ERLANDI PRANIANTO, S.Kep, NERS Cerebral Infarct Complication Following Pituitary Tumor Surgery: A Nursing Case Study PP044
45 Mrs. Tingting Liu Qualitative study on nursing experience and needs of family members of patients with lung cancer complicated with severe novel coronavirus infection PP045
46 Postgraduate Ying Yang LI Investigation and analysis of palliative care knowledge needs of oncology nurses PP046
47 PhD student SANG YI BAEK Effects of Urban Forest Healing Program in Sleep of Cancer Survivors PP047
48 Postgraduate Ying Yang LI Progress on the application of artificial intelligence in the field of oncology nursing PP048
49 Miss Yuyun Xiang The developmental trajectory of cognitive impairment and its adaptation in breast cancer patients during treatment: a mixed study PP049
50 Professor Jeong Hye Kim, PH.D Comparison of practice of end-of-Life care between lung cancer and non-malignant lung disease patients with Physicians Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment PP050
51 Master Bu Youxiang The experiences of home-based hospice care with cancer patients: a qualitative meta-synthesis protocol PP051
52 Mr. Made Satya Nugraha Gautama, RN Improving Quality of Life of Cancer Patients through Managing Cancer and Living Meaningfully (CALM) Therapy: A Meta – Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials PP052
53 master Heenam An, M Factors Influencing Posttraumatic Growth in Female Genital Cancer Patients PP053
54 BSN EUNHA YEO A mediating effect of psychological distress in the relationship between functional performance and quality of life of women cancer survivors PP054
55 MSN, RN Eunjeong KIM Changes in Knowledge, Self-efficacy and Self-care in Gastrointestinal Cancer Patients receiving Chemotherapy Education PP055
56 M.M Zhou Yi, M.M Spiritual Needs of Chinese Patients with Cancer Pain and Their Relation to Pain Interference and Quality of Life: A Multi-center Cross-sectional Study PP056
57 Professor Jiyoung KANG, PH.D Development of the Nursing Metaverse Simulation Module for Thyroid Cancer Patient's Care : A mixed methods study PP057
58 head nurse NING LI Application of a multidisciplinary team management model led by wound nurses in malignant Fungating wound management PP058
59 bachelor's degree chuntong Shen Problems and discussion on supportive needs in different age groups of family caregivers among cancer patients PP059
60 Professor JI HYUN SUNG, Ph.D. RN The Experience of Attendance for the National Cancer Screening Program in Korea: Insights from Focus Group Interviews. PP060
61 Mrs Yan Zhang Meta Analysis of the effect of Mindfulness-based Cancer Recovery on Psychological status of Cancer patients PP061
62 Head Nurse HUI-CHU SHEN Physical restraint on depressive symptoms in the elderly who stay in nursing homes PP062
63 Correlation between Breast Cancer and Participants' Characteristics with Psychosocial Aspects in Breast Cancer Patients : Ns. Suidja Megawati W, S.Kep , Sp. Kep Onk Suidja Megawati Wensky Correlation between Breast Cancer and Participants' Characteristics with Psychosocial Aspects in Breast Cancer Patients : Ns. Suidja Megawati W, S.Kep , Sp. Kep Onk PP063
64 Master Jiyeong Kim Effects of Vitamin Intake on Glucose in Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy PP064
65 DR Rongrong Li, PH.D Effects of child life intervention on the symptom cluster of pain-anxiety-fatigue-sleep disturbance in children with acute leukemia undergoing chemotherapy PP065
66 Ns, Retno Setiowati, Specialist Oncology Nurse, Magister Public Health Telementoring As An Innovative Program In Basic Oncology Nursing Training PP066
67 Dr Yumei Shi Effect of mindfulness-based stress reduction combined with respiratory function training on breathlessness-fatigue-anxiety symptom clusters and lung function in lung cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy: a randomized controlled trial PP067
68 Mrs xiaole gu Effect of collaborative family care on fear of disease progression in patients with unruptured intracranial aneurysms PP068
69 M.D Qing Lv Exploration and research on assessment tools of palliative care for patients with terminal cancer PP069
70 DR. Zhen Xu The influence of self-perceived burden on the quality of life of lung cancer patients undergoing immunotherapy: the chain mediating effect of loneliness and hope PP070
71 Master yiran sun Effect of personalized comfortable nursing in operating room combined with improved surgical posture on patients undergoing microwave ablation of thyroid cystic tumor PP071
72 DR. Jingui Huang Forgiveness, rumination and suicidal ideation in Chinese patients with lung cancer: a cross- sectional study PP072
73 DR. Zhen Xu The relationship among psychological distress, family function, perceived social support and resilience in patients with cancer: a structural equation modeling analysis PP073
74 Ms Marissa Ledlin Clinical Redesign in Oncology: Time MATERS PP074
75 Master of Science in Nursing, Oncology Certified Nurse Specialist Kohei Yasukawa, MSN, OCNS Nursing practice to Support Social Connections for Cancer Patients with Facial Disfigurement After Surgical Treatment PP075
76 degree-master Hsueh-Ya Tsai Improve the return rate of Pap smear positive cases PP076
77 Dr. Lu Lin, PH.D. Effects of Relaxation Techniques on Cancer-related Cognitive Impairment: A Meta-analysis PP077
78 MSN SHIHO GOTO Postoperative recovery of patients underwent free flap reconstruction for their tongue cancer: a descriptive chart review PP078
79 M.D. Yilin Chen Mr PP079
80 Professor Sangeun Jun, Ph.D. Factors Affecting Health Behaviors to Prevent Second Primary Cancer in Stomach Cancer Survivors PP080
81 Associate Professor Kaori Kumagai, RN, PHN, M.S.N, Ph.d Stigma-Related Experiences among Lung Cancer Survivors PP081
82 Dr. Ka Ryeong Bae Factors Impacting Unmet Needs in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Patients PP082
83 DR. Jingui Huang The relationship among psychological distress, family function, perceived social support and resilience in patients with cancer: a structural equation modeling analysis PP083
84 postgraduate lu liu, postgraduate A cross-sectional study on the prediction model of fear of cancer recurrence in individuals with non-small cell lung cancer PP084
85 DR. Jeonghee Ahn Exploring young women’s needs in breast cancer peer support and Metaverse-based programs PP085
86 Nursing Manager, Master Mee Young Cho, MPH Can a SNS-mediated platform improve nurse-physician communication? PP086
87 MD Lin Zhang A Qualitative Study on the Care Experience of Primary Caregivers of Children with Leukemia Based on the Social-ecological System Theory PP087
89 Student HEERA LEE The Uncertainty and Nursing Needs of Cancer Patients by Stage of Participation in Anticancer Clinical Trials. PP089
90 Doctoral candidate Lu Chen Self-management on cancer treatment-induced musculoskeletal symptoms of breast cancer survivors: a qualitative study PP090
91 Student Yongah Shin Unmet Needs of Cancer Patients Participating in Clinical Trials PP091
92 Dr zhang junbin, ph.d. Predictive role on vascular compromise of bedside assessment in free flap re-construction PP092
95 Professor Eunjin Yang Experiences of gynecological cancer among immigrant women in transcultural context: A meta-synthesis PP095
96 DR Julan Xiao Financial toxicity and its associated patient and cancer factors among lung cancer patients: a single‑center analysis of high income region in Southern China PP096
97 Master's Degree Yiling Yang Fear of progression in Chinese cancer patients: Prevalence, and correlations with self‐compassion, and sense of coherence PP097
98 Professor So-Hyun Park, PhD COVID-19 and education in oncology nursing. PP098
99 DR. Juan Zhao Non-Pharmacological Intervention: Indispensable for Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy in breast cancer? PP099
100 DR. Juan Zhao Research progress on cardiotoxicity nursing related to breast cancer treatment PP100
101 Mrs. Jintanarak Somsakulchai The effectiveness of the nursing guidelines to prevent Grade III and IV Hypersensitivity reactions in NSCLC and ovarian cancer patients receiving a combined Paclitaxel and Carboplatin regimen in the chemotherapy unit PP101
102 Professor Anita Dsouza, M Sc Title- Retrospective study to assess the incidence of chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) and prescription patterns, in patients who received oxaliplatin containing chemotherapy for GI cancer at Tata Memorial Hospital PP102
103 Mrs. Wilasinee Moongsin The development of bone marrow transplant care system in tertiary hospital under the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand PP103
104 Mr. Sau Nok Law, M.SC Development of web-based enrichment program of EGFR-tyrosine kinase inhibitor induced cutaneous toxicities for oncology nurses in two regional hospitals in Hong Kong PP104
105 Ns Indah Susilowati, S.Kep Music Therapy on Self-Efficacy in Cancer Patients PP105
106 Ns. HERLIA YULIANTINI, S.Kep. Management of peristomal contact dermatitis in ileostomy patients undergoing first cycle chemotherapy PP106
108 Ms Maheswari Jaganathan, RN,SRM,CLT,CPN, BSN Evaluation of the Impact of Patient Navigation On Timeliness of Diagnosis and Treatment, and on Adherence to Treatment Recommendations Among Breast Cancer Patients in a Multi-Centre Network in Malaysia PP108